Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - No Gi

Pura Vida Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - No Gi

Pee-wee (4-6)

Our Pee-wee classes are specially designed to introduce children aged 4-6 to the fundamentals of BJJ, Muay Thai and Judo in a fun and safe environment. Led by our experienced instructors, these classes focus on building discipline, self-confidence, and respect while teaching essential self-defense techniques. Through age-appropriate drills, games, and exercises, children develop physical coordination, balance, and mental focus. We emphasize teamwork and encourage a positive mindset, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie among our young students.

Our classes focus on developing your child’s physical and mental abilities. We teach your child basic techniques and drills that build strength, coordination, and flexibility. We also incorporate games and activities that help improve their balance and agility. Our Pee-wee program also promotes important life skills such as discipline, focus, and respect. We encourage positive social interactions and teamwork to develop confidence and self-esteem. Your child will learn valuable skills that they can carry with them into adulthood.


Pura Vida Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - No Gi

Kids (7-9)

Pura Vida’s kids BJJ program is tailored to kids aged 7 to 9 years old. At this age, children are beginning to develop more advanced motor skills and are capable of learning more complex techniques. Our program is designed to challenge your child while also providing a fun and engaging learning environment. This program builds on the fundamental skills learned in the kids program and teaches more advanced techniques such as submissions and transitions.

The kids program also focuses on developing discipline, respect, and self-confidence through team-building exercises, games, and sparring drills. Furthermore, our experienced instructors emphasize the importance of sportsmanship and self-improvement, instilling these values in each student. In addition to physical development, our kids program also promotes important life skills such as discipline, focus, and respect.

Pura Vida Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - No Gi

Teens (10-13)

Pura Vida’s teen BJJ program is designed for teens who are ready to take their training to the next level. This program is tailored to teach advanced techniques such as sweeps, reversals, and advanced submissions. Additionally, our experienced instructors focus on developing leadership skills, sportsmanship, and self-confidence through team-building exercises, games, and sparring drills. The teen program also prepares students for more advanced martial arts training in the future, ensuring that they are well-prepared for any challenges they may face. We create a safe, supportive environment where your child can learn and grow.

In these classes, teens learn the principles and techniques while gaining valuable self-defense skills. Our instructors provide personalized attention, helping students improve their physical fitness, flexibility, and coordination. Alongside the physical aspects, our program also emphasizes the importance of respect, self-control, and perseverance, instilling crucial life skills that can benefit teenagers both on and off the mats.



Pura Vida Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - No Gi

Adults (14+)

Made for the real world, BJJ is a form of self defense that every person should master. BJJ focuses on ground level altercations – utilizing holds, throws, blows, and a variety of submission techniques. At Pura Vida Martial Arts, we are passionate about sharing the gift of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai with our community. We aim to create an environment where every single student has the ability to accomplish their goals – whatever they may be. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent your entire life training BJJ and are exploring your newest martial arts discipline or you’re just trying to break away from the monotony of the gym, we will exceed your expectations.

While many martial art disciplines incorporate grappling here and there, when it comes to BJJ, grappling is at the core of all of your training. Not familiar with grappling? Here’s what you need to know – instead of utilizing weapons or striking, grappling is all about getting your opponent to concede through physical dominance.

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