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Say Hello to Pura Vida Martial Arts, a safe and hands-on Martial Arts Academy.

Our priority is to provide top quality martial arts classes in Denver, North Carolina, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Judo. We’re dedicated to fostering a training environment that’s respectful, welcoming, and motivating. Our academy is dedicated to serving your goals and building well-rounded athletes who are disciplined and humble. Gyms may not be for everyone but Pura Vida Martial Arts is!

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Pura Vida Martial Arts

About Us:

Pura Vida Martial Arts takes pride in offering an individualized training experience built upon strong communication and mutual respect. Our Martial Arts training is combined with a lively social environment that motivates students to improve. We are eager to lead every class and instill a foundation of work ethic, respect, and responsibility. Pura Vida Martial Arts training is unique because we apply real sparring techniques to our lessons. Our athletes learn how to practice self-defense in a hands-on and realistic way that builds confidence. It’s not just about martial arts competition, but also a journey of self-improvement and building good life habits.

Our History:

The Owner and Head Coach of Pura Vida Martial Arts, Mr. Charlie, has been practicing martial arts since he was 11. Being involved with an activity that built perseverance motivated him to take part in teaching the next generation of fighters. Carlos believes helping others set and achieve their goals is the greatest gift of being a teacher! With more than 25 years of teaching experience, and he opening his own martial Arts Academy, Carlos teaches real skills for a safe life in a very realistic way. Pura Vida Martial Arts doesn’t do Kata or brake boards… in fact, they spar a lot! And this element has created a huge and positive impact in our community as we are the only academy in the great Denver N.C. area that trains in a very traditional way.
Opening Pura Vida Martial Arts was Carlos’s way to become independent from other gyms. It allows him the freedom to operate how he sees fit to positively impact the community and instill life skills within his students.

Why It's Important

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We teach our students that the only opponent they have is themself. It teaches them accountability and how to overcome their doubts.

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Our community is respectful of one another and shares a passion for Martial Arts. We have a great community and you can be yourself here!

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Pura Vida Martial Arts’ training methods eliminate ego and focus on self-improvement instead.

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You’ll find your voice and break out of your comfort zone when met with our enthusiastic and lively training partners.

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Exercise is beneficial to body, mind and spirit! While you are building strength and agility, you’ll be improving your mental health as well. We treat the body mind and spirit as a unity!

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